Imaengine User Manual

1. Vectorizer

1.1. Controls

layers panel

Every built-in filter has its own specific controls.

DETAIL control is common to all filters, keep it high for detailed pictures, keep it low to fast vectorizations.

layers panel

Some filters can change edges and background color with a pop-up color editor panel. Colors can be solid or linear gradient.

Filters with vignette effect ON, show custom controls in canvas to modify the aspect of the vignette.

1.2. Crop

layers panel

The input picture can be cropped with the crop tool, tap on 'crop' button to open it.

1.3. Palette Editor

layers panel

User can edit and create new palettes, tap on the current palette at filter controls (when available) to open the Palette Editor.

Tap on single colors to modify its color, use the 'delete' button to delete selected single color, use 'add' button to add a new color. Use random button to generate a new pseudo-random palette, new palettes are generated with the current number of colors. Use the menu button to save the current editable palette.

2. Editor

2.1. Toolbox

Selection [V]: select one or several objects and edit them. Tap on an empty point in the workspace and drag until you cover all the elements in want to select. Only the objects completely included in the drawn area will be selected. Tap on Selection tool icon to show 2 posible subtools, normal selection and multiple selection (the arrow with a +) . Multiple selection allows you to add or remove objects from the current selection.

Nodes [A]: select nodes in one or several paths and edit them. Tap and drag for selecting nodes.Tap on Nodes tool icon to show 2 posible subtools, normal node selection and multiple node selection (the arrow with a +) . Multiple node selection allows you to add or remove nodes from the current selection.

Brush [N]: draw with your finger. Use the slider to change brush size. Brush strokes with same color are merged.

Eraser [E]: substract parts from paths. If a path(s) is selected erasing only affects selected path(s).

Gradient [G]: customize gradients. Click and drag the color nodes to a new position. You can also change the color samples, delete them, and add new ones.

2.2. Layers

layers panel

This panel can help you to organize elements in the document. You can add, duplicate, and delete layers.

Select a layer with a 'long tap' and move it to a different position if you want to reorganize the pile. 'Double tap' on the name and type a new text if you want to change it.

Swith on and off the eye icon to show/hide the layer content. You can lock/ unlock layers with the padlock icon.

2.3. Color: Fill And Stroke

layers panel


The fill panel includes three types of fill, no-fill, solid color, linear gradient.

If you want to modify a gradient you need to select the gradient button in the toolbox first, then you can access the individual color stops in a gradient.

There is also a color picker that selects colors used on canvas. You can swith on and off this button.


There are two options, no stroke, solid stroke.

This panel also includes a slider with the weight of the stroke.